Calculations Resulting in Analysis of Individuals on the Gridiron

API Usage Information

CRAIG Projections provides an easy-to-use JSON-based API for fetching both season-long and weekly projections.

Please note, these instructions, and the API as a whole, are a work-in-progress, and subject to change.

Accessing the API

You will need an API Key in order to access the CRAIG API. In order to receive an API Key, please send an email to [email protected] with a brief description of your intended use, and we will respond within a couple business days (usually faster) with your API Key, or with further questions about your intended use.

Once you have an API Key, you will need to include it in your requests. There are two accepted methods of key inclusion:

  1. As a header (X-API-KEY)
  2. As a query param (?api_key=XXXXXXXX)

There are not currently any rate-limiting methods in place for the CRAIG API, so please, be nice. We reserve the right to revoke any API Key for any reason at any time without warning or appeal. So, y'know, be nice. Weekly projections are almost never updated more than a couple times per week, so you shouldn't need to fetch data more than once a day. It just won't do you any good.


The CRAIG API has several endpoints, depending on whether your are seeking season-long or weekly projections, and which position you are looking for. You can also specify scoring system between Standard (std), Point-Per-Reception (ppr), or Half-Point-Per-Reception (hppr), though this won't have an effect on Quarterback, Kicker, or Defense projections, and only serves to change the ordering of results and the value of the fantasy_points field when used.

For Season-long projections:{{season}}/{{position}}

Where {{season}} is the season you want (e.g., 2022), and {{position}} is one of qb, rb, wr, te, k, def, or flex (for RBs, WRs, and TEs blended together).

You can also specify the scoring system (the default is "Standard") by adding a ?scoring= query param to your request. So a full request for 2022 RB projections with Half-PPR scoring might look like this:

For Weekly projections:{{season}}/week/{{week}}/{{position}}

This works exactly like the season-long endpoints, where {{week}} is a numerical value representing the week. If CRAIG has not yet projected the week you specify, it will return an empty set.

Getting Help

If you need any help with the API, or you notice a bug or some weird responses, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and someone here— ok, it's just me, one guy, no "us", that just sounds better on the page— I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can and help out. But keep in mind, the API is offered gratis, without warranty or guarantee, etc., etc., etc...